Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some more jewelry...

Cute floral earrings for this spring

Floral earrings in a different color combination

Swarovski  Rivoli Hangings

Love this color combination, very traditional

 Swarovski crystal ball earrings

A lily pad with a lily and a bud

 Vintage style

Amethyst and peridot beautiful color combination

This design reminds me of jewelry style during my college days

 Another view


Kids earrings to go with any dress

Simple yet stylish

 Garnet drops necklace and earrings

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cherry Blossom!!!

Cherry blossom one of the first ones to bloom in early spring...
I love every part of the cherry tree when it is in bloom,the curvy branches the
delicate buds,the bunches of flowers I can go on and on...

This is an oil on canvas,knife painting...
I love the way the painting has been split...
on the two small canvas I have painted the branch extension from the center one.
My intention was to show that the center piece is out in the nature which inspired me to
do the two small ones, this is the reason for not framing the center one....
I know, if u feel the caption is confusing like i do, just enjoy the painting...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jewelry sets


Finally some of the long awaited Scarves

Hand Painted Scarves

The first one is a Georgette scarf,I used the wet on wet technique to paint the Pansies.
The second one is a Crepe scarf with Chrysanthemums painted on it.
The third one is a Silk Scarf,I used silk dies to paint this one,
and the last one is a Georgette head scarf with Chinese roses painted on it.

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