Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Madhubani inspired stained wood...




How to do a stained wood painting.....

Finally here comes the step by step procedure on how to do a stained wood painting.
The technique is named stained wood because it is done on a wooden panel with stained glass colors.I have done my first piece in India and it took me a while to figure out the materials here in US.The painting is  actually done using Resin, so I was looking for some kind of resin that is not very toxic and easy to work with.The following is the list of materials needed

  • M seal (this is some thing I got from India and did not know how to replace it,this is used to block the colors from flowing into each other,in glass painting this is done by lead strips.A good quality of air dry clay, some thing that does not crack after it dries might be a good replacement,lead strips can also be used but i'am not sure if they stick on wood.
  • Primed wooden panel,if you are using a wooden panel which is not primed, paint it with a coat of white emulsion paint which is easily available Homedepot.
  • Tacky glue
  • White acrylic paint
  • Pebeo Gedeo resin
  • Resin dyes
  • Crafts popsicle sticks
  • Disposable plastic containers
  • Eye droppers

Transfer the design on to the wooden panel and roll m seal or clay into thin coils and stick the coils on the transferred design using tacky glue,make sure not to leave any openings as the color flows into each other and each part of the design should be completely sealed with out any gaps near the coil joints.At the edges try to end the coil exactly along the surface of the wooden panel,if you cut the coil short the color bleeds into another and if you leave it a little long the color flows along the coil and drips off,believe me it is easy than it sounds.

Once the M-seal or clay dries paint the lines with white acrylic paint.

Once the paint is dry you can start filling the colors using the resins.I used both the colored resin and the crystal resin along with dyes to get the colors that I desired.You can add dye to the colored resin to make the colors more intense.I used eye droppers to fill the colors in each part.Working with resin can be a little messy as it is very sticky ,this is the reason I could not take any pictures while mixing the dyes and resin, but here is a link to the video that shows hot to mix the resin
Mixing colored resin
Adding dye to resin

Mix the resin thoroughly and let it sit for 2-5 minutes before applying, so the painting dries really hard and does not bleed on hanging on the wall for a longer time.

Make sure to cover the work surface with paper as the surface becomes totally useless if  you accidentally drop some resin on it or if the resin drips from the wooden panel, it is a messy processes but the results look amazing.

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