Monday, November 12, 2012

Diyas for Diwali return gifts...

Having a Diwali party at my place and wanted to give small return gifts to the ladies, did not have enough time to make candle holders for every one, so instead bought these terracotta diyas from an Indian store.
Initially planned of giving the diyas as they are with a gift wrapping,but could not help myself from all the decorating ideas brainstorming and ended up embellisging them with some gold paint and kundans.

I feel the golden paint enhanced the intricate design ...

Finished painting them all, now time to add some kundans

Totally fell in love with the end result

Couldn't help from taking ore pics

Time to gift wrap

One down few more to go

Done packing, enjoyed every minute of the work and loved the end result, hope the ladies  will like them.


  1. Loved your diyas. Even I painted a lot of diyas and gifted them to near and dear ones. It feels so good when you gift your own creations.
    You can check out my diyas here

    1. Hey Disha, I apologize for the delayed response, I did visit your blog and loved the diyas,thank for visiting my blog.

  2. Such a cute idea.. I'll use it this year.. :)

    1. I can guarantee you the recipients would love them.

  3. Great idea! Yes, diyas are one of the best diwali gifts you could ever give, the recipient can use it as Diwali decorations of their home in diwali. Perfect choice. Thanks!

  4. Exclusive and unique "return gifts" are always appreciated and cherished

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