Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Indian village in water color

Bought an Indian village calender from Zazzle which features some of the paintings by
Umesh Pai, I immediately fell in love with this particular one when I first saw it,
as I was new to water color in those days(still learning) I wanted to see if I can
reproduce this one in a large scale, I enlarged the original to 18"x24"
and tried my hand on it and the result was this picture that I have posted.

You can view the calender atZazzle to see other works by Umesh Pai


  1. Bindu, the painting is lovely! Thanks for visiting me.

  2. Thank you all for dropping in and for all the wonderful comments....

  3. all your works are outstanding.
    keep going

  4. It is such a big size with remarkable details, you did really well Bindu, the total visual impact is excellent!
    Thanks for your visit and kind feed back !

  5. You said you were a learner when you painted this!! I thought I'm (An absolute) learner...If a learner can paint so skillfully then, I'm not sure what I I wasting my time?

    Do I need to tell you that it's wonderful!!:)

    1. Thank you Tarang!! though I was new to the medium those days ( which I still am) I was doing paintings from quite some time, so is the result may be, I am sure you can do better than this, good luck!


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