Friday, July 13, 2012

Some new designs in earrings

Olive green and Copper a rare combination

Jhumkas 1

Jhumkas 2

Traditional Indian style

Metal chips and crystal briolette,
gold and white one of my favorite combinations

Jhumkas 3 in my favorite combination again

Love this design

Bronze and gold 

This is on the top of my favorites in this collection

Peacock, my any time favorite color combination

Antique with olive green Briolette

These are for kids, they all look cute together

Black and white a very classic  and ever green color combination

Pretty Pink and silver

Mother of pearl

Copper in geometric shapes with a dash of peacock colors

Very elegant in blues

Graceful grey

Silver rings with purple

Lavender and black a bit rare

Love how these beads complement each other, the top beads are called
mood beads they are blue when cool and yellow to yellow green when warm,
the bottom bead goes with both the mood colors

Reminds me of chinese dragon

I apoligize for the poor quality of pictures, guess I was in a little rush, did not notice until the pics were loaded on to my laptop.....oooops.....had no energy left for another session of photo shoot


  1. Best collection to date!! Good variety!

  2. All are really cute! Great job Bindu-Sreedevi

  3. oh my.... Bindu.. very pretty.. the first, third and last one are gorgeous.. :)

  4. all are good re. this is not only my comment but your pedananna's too.


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