Monday, December 24, 2012

Ajanta motifs inspired by Kerala mural painting...

A very good friend of mine will be moving to Houston shortly, and I want give her some thing that I have made as a parting gift. She is a person who loves my paintings more than other stuff that I make, so I have decided on giving her a painting. As they are taking a flight, I did not want to give her any thing big to carry and at the same time did not feel like giving her some thing small, as I definitely know that she is going to cherish this gift for a long time. So I have  finally decided on doing a set of two or three small paintings for her.

I have been planning to do the Ajanta motifs as a set from quiet some time and felt this is the best occasion, and decided on doing  Ajanta Hamsa, Lotus and Elephant as a set.

The post title says everything about these paintings.

I have always loved Ajanta Pantings ( These are the paintings done on the walls of  Buddhist cave monuments in the state of Maharastra,India. to learn more about the caves  Click here) The gracefulness in the paintings is one thing which always inspires me.
Lately Kerala murals have caught my eyes with their bright color palette. the idea of painting Ajanta motifs in Kerala mural color palette has come to min and ventured the same, the result I feel is stunningly beautiful and bright. With the beautiful results my fascination for Ajanta painting has grown and I'll definitely do some more paintings in this style.
I wish I would have done these paintings in water color and framed then in a dark color frame with a white matting, but instead did them on 10"x10" wooden panels as this will be easy for my friend to carry.
I know I have said enough for one post, here comes the pics.

Set of three Ajanta motifs

Ajanta Elephant

Ajanta Lotus

Ajanta Hamsa

I have painted a contrast color on the sides of the panels.


  1. what a fabulous gift for your friend!

  2. Your blog name is apt... Every art piece of urs is so colorful.. I love the color combinations u use.. Fantastic..

    1. Thank you Sravani!! about my blog name, yep that's me crazy for colors, visited your blog, must appreciate your talent in mehandi designs, that is something which always challenges me.

  3. The set of three looks impressive!

  4. Where did u get these wooden panels ? Pls let me know

    1. Available at most of the art supply stores in US


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