Thursday, January 10, 2013

Contemporary Warli on a vase...

Lately I have come across some pics of Warli painting on vases, totally fell in love with the colors and composition. This one I made as a gift to one of our friends.

I bought the vase from Joann fabrics and used Martha Stewart stencil tape to make lines, I have never used the tape before,so was a little concerned on how it would turn out, thankfully there was no adhesive residue
and the lines have come out really clean.

Wait a couple of seconds after you apply the paint and then peel off the tape slowly, hola! perfect lines.I used normal acrylic paints from Michaels.
I would suggest sanding the vase a little as the surface is really smooth an not very absorbing, after finishing the whole painting I sadly realized that the paint can be easily scratched off from the vase, a little sanding might make the surface more absorbing, but I must say, I love the way it has turned out.

As Warli is a folk art I was not really careful while doing the painting, I feel the beauty in this particular art form lies not only in the simplicity and form but also in the crude style.


  1. WOW such a fab product and always love to see your art!

    Dr Sonia

    1. Thanks Sonia!! always a pleasure to see your comments.

  2. Hey there
    Awesome art, you should enter this art contest, its celebrating the 100 years of Indian cinema.
    Details here:

    Good luck!

  3. Hey!!
    This is soo gorgeous... you know what i have been eyeing such designs on terracotta products available at some of the online store....but now I am sure to try it for myself...great work.


    1. Hi Aakanksha, glad you liked it, good luck with your project!

  4. Fabulous work Bindu.....Vase itself is looking very lovely. No need for flowers.....

  5. thats impressive... nice transformation.. :)

  6. I am completely bowled by all your creations and wish I was closer to learn from a great teacher like you !! Kudos !!

  7. Wow new work...I always admired your fabric paintings... this too is fantastic


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