Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hand Painted Saree...

A very dear friend of mine was moving back to India, though I was not happy with the news I wanted to give her something handmade by me which she will cherish for a long time.
After a lot of thinking I came up with idea of gifting her a hand painted saree, she did not want any floral designs and asked me to do something different and something close to Mehendi designing. Now that was a challenge for me as I have never done a full saree in this style. Earlier I have done many sarees with floral free hand painting, but never a mehendi kind of designing and was afraid that I may not be able to do an entire saree without repeating the design, but to my surprise I have improved a lot and did the entire saree free hand without repeating the design anywhere.
I am really happy with the work and my friend loved the saree, now here are the pics for you all...

Its a very beautiful sky blue Georgette saree with a silver shimmer border

The color palette I have chose is very unique but goes really well along with the blouse.

Everything that looks white in this pic is actually painted using silver glitter to go along with the border.

The self blue color I have used is once again glitter 

In this pic you can see the blouse, the reason behind choosing this color palette.

I was so tired after finishing the saree ( it took me one whole week) that I did not have any energy left to take good pics, I apologize for the picture quality.


  1. This art work is really superb :) you are really talented :) keep in touch...Following you now, hope you follow back :)

  2. How did you manage to get this saree printed on your own? That is awesome.

  3. Nice collection of sarees and among all i like Bollywood replica sarees as they are the bollywood inspired trend


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