Friday, May 9, 2014

Lipan work...

A very long time due project almost 15 yrs!! Started few pieces almost at the same time but could not finish them, left them in India. Finally after all these years, burlap canvas panels from Michael"s inspired to make another attempt and this time I finished it, yeah!!!

Tribal women from Gujrat (India) use this art form on their interior walls to reduce the heat during summer, always loved this art form sharing with you my version of this ethnic art form.

Used epoxy putty to do the line and mirror border work, got the hand cut mirrors from India, at that time I did not think of any particular project, just loved the shapes and bought them.


  1. This such a great work Bindu..I really loved this Lipan work..Keep in touch

  2. Simple but lovely , what epoxy is that any particular name ,,,

    1. Thank you Mullai! got the epoxy from India, a crafts kind, but any kind can be used I guess...

  3. hi Bindu!Amazing it is! Did u do it on jute?

  4. Lovely Bindu. I want to do some Lippan work too. Love it. Don't know how to go about.


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